Original Build Sheets

Find the axle ratio, suspension, transmission type, wheel type and size, build date down to the day, stereo type and format, special options, packages, and much more.

This is the original build information, NOT a generic list of possible options. Speed up inventory, purchase with confidence, and find your ideal vehicle with one simple page.

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We're not your average VIN decoder, and here's why...

570 Million Build Sheets

With over a quarter of a billion vehicles covering every domestic line and several foreign manufacturers, you can break down every vehicle in your inventory in minutes.

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Add Complete Vehicle Rarity and get detailed rarity information for most GM vehicles. Combine available options to get build numbers for any combination of option codes.

Incredible ROI

With monthly packages starting at $5, this will be the easiest choice you make today. Know what you're buying before you bid, and inventory key parts before disassembly!

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